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Trustone Pen Blanks


3/4” x 5” (19 mm x 140 mm)

Blanks for sale.

Prehistoric looking red dino bone. Moderate to hard hardness

Red Dino Bone (3/4)


Prehistoric looking yellow dino bone. Moderate to hard difficulty.

Yellow Dino Bone


Sold out sorry

Unless stated otherwise all the blanks on this page are gemstone composites the only different ones are the mother of pearls which resin based not stone but a composit alternative mother of pearl.

Prehistoric looking Leopard Skin Jasper. Easy to turn.

Leopard Skin Jasper (3/4)


Obsidian Trustone 3/4" blank. Quite hard moderately difficult to turn.

Obsidian (3/4)


Purple Mother of Pearl (3/4),not trustone but MOP alternate but by same manufacturer.

Very easy to turn.Paint tubes. Very popular like all the MOP’s with Ladies especially in a Squire



This colour is very easy to turn. Similar properties to the banded malachite.

Good choice for a beginner or advanced turner. Actual blanks perhaps more Black dominant.

Banded Black & White (3/4)



Black is harder to turn than other blanks. Use sharp tools or TC tools and use water if needed to keep the material cool while working.

I have used this myself with normal tools but regular sharpening is required

Black & Gold Matrix (3/4)


More of a resin/acrylic than trustone but from same company. Almost 3D and slightly transparent. Paint tubes. Very easy to turn. Very popular this one because of its unique life like appearance. Can be brittle but easy.

Black Mother of Pearl (3/4)


Back in stock, but not enormous quantities. Picture to left is brighter than actual more a combination of this image and the image above.

More of a resin/acrylic than trustone but from same company. Almost 3d and slightly transparent. Paint tubes. Very easy to turn. Very popular this one because of its unique life like appearance. Not a great sample picture as it is white as in pen example. It is an almost transparent pure white you will not be disappointed with this one at all.

White Mother of Pearl (¾)4)


Arizona Jade (3/4)


Arizona Jade is one of my favourites. Can be brittle and is a hard variety. But spectacular. I have never had a problem and follow my quick method.

Arizona Turquoise and is another one of my favourites. Very soft and easy to turn. But spectacular and Ladies favourite.

Arizona Turquoise (3/4)


Persian Turquoise (3/4)


Persian Turquoise and is another popular blank. Very soft and easy to turn. But spectacular and popular with the Ladies.

Very easy to turn with normal tools and looks stunning. popular for wedding pens.

White with Gold Matrix (3/4)


Can be brittle. Sharp tools, light cuts or TC tools for a better speed.

Purple Spiney (3/4)


Might have one or two please email

Sodalite. (3/4)


Blue Sodalite moderately easy to turn. Subtle colours.

This colour is somewhat transparent. For pen makers, the tubes of your pen will show through. Paint the inside of the hole different colours for a different effect. Officially considered a non-pliable blank but turns more like an acrylic blank or polymer resin. Similar in properties to the tortoise shell and other mother of pearl colours. This colour is somewhat brittle but very easy to turn. A true favourite of the Ladies.

Shocking Pink Mother of Pearl.


Very easy to turn and gives a stunning finish easily.

Red with Gold Matrix.


Very easy to turn and stunning classy finish, and what a cool name.

Only one available and has a chip 1 cm approx long on one edge near end, does not effect turning.

Bloody Basin Red Jasper


Very easy to turn.

Black and Red Jasper


Sold Out

Very easy to turn. Colours do vary  towards Turquoise web. Beautiful finished pens from this one and yet another cool name.

Blue Dragon Skin


Please email your requirements as website stock is not up to date.

To order, please email requirements and we will generate a paypal request for the amount. You do not need a PayPal account to order. We never have your card details. We do not have huge stocks of trustone as I do not do this for money solely. The pictures are examples, your blanks will differ as they are all different and unique. This adds to your finished pens, value. Occasionally I have other stock colours and seconds please email for details. Individual pictures available on request so you can choose exactly which blanks you would like.

We use PayPal as it is very safe and secure for both you and us. Its actually super secure to military encryption standards I believe.

Paypal also incorporates a compensation scheme as do our postal services.

No finish is required but we sometimes put a single coat of micro crystalline wax.

Paypal or bacs (bank transfer) free with internet banking, but safe as its going from bank account to bank account and of course traceable. Please email your order and preferred payment option.

Pink Rhodonite moderately easy to turn.

A popular colour with Ladies. Economical as well, for example two Sierras, One pen, one pencil and a couple of centre bands for slimlines all come from one blank.

I have had to stop using paypal buttons after a kind customer informed they didn’t work. I don’t profess to be a web designer as is probably apparent.

Please email me you requests and I will send you a paypal payment request. Then following payment you will quickly receive your blanks.

Paypal is safe, secure and you can complain and get your money back if you are not happy.

You don’t need an account and can use cards.

This has worked many times before with lots of happy customers.

Or ask someone who has a paypal account to pay for you, or group together as others have.

Mail: Blank Enquiry

Very popular and classy Red

With Gold web.

Easy to turn.

The blanks with gold in them

Have to be 99p more as they cost

us more.

                Red with Gold Web 3/4


Easy to turn and with elegant


Wild Horse Jasper 3/4


Pink Laramar again one of the popular pinks and as with most trustone very mineral like.

Easy to turn.


Pink Laramar 3/4


Green banded malachite. Easy to turn and popular.

Green Banded Malachite 3/4


White Turquoise.

Easy to turn

White Turquoise 3/4


We don’t mind and actually prefer to email customers actual blank photographs so you can choose exactly which blanks you want.

Mail: blank enquiry

Asian pink coral. Very nice this one and very easy to turn.

Asian Pink Coral 3/4


Red and White Spiney. A little harder than easy blanks to turn, so normal tools are fine.

Red & White Spiney


White with Gold web. Easy to turn with superb results. Wedding favourite.

White with Gold Web


Banded Azurite Malachite.

Easy to turn.

Banded Azurite Malachite 3/4


Charoite trustone.

Medium hardness, normal but sharp tools. Avoid heat build up when drilling.

We have two pairs in this colour. Pairs, as they are abit different from each other, but the pairs will work well. Please email for pictures so you can choose.

Charoite 3/4


Mexican Agate.

Slightly brittle but easy to turn non the less. Painted tubes may be required.

Mexican Agate 3/4


Only one left

Out of stock virtually  as soon as I had it sorry

Only one left